SIM card investigation

Sim card investigation, but why?

You have a SIM card and you want to get the data back? Christ & Partners analyzes your SIM card. As a result, you will receive all the information that we got from the SIM card from us. Afterwards you can transfer your contacts and other information to your new SIM card.

SIM card investigation

Do you want to know the text message history and contacts of your employee? Or do you have a SIM card whose origin is unknown? Christ & Partners will analyze and examine the SIM card. The result will be presented to you in a report.

SIM card cloning

It is possible to clone your SIM card at Christ & Partners. By applying this method, you will always be in possession of a second SIM card. Useful in case you always need to be available.

All kinds of digital investigation:

We offer all kinds of digital investigation like desktop, phone, navigation or tablet investigations. See our menu bar header digital investigation for more info.

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