Phone investigation

Do you suspect that your employee is making improper use of his business phone? Is there critical data on your phone? Or do you want to perform an audit in your company? Christ & Partners secures your phone safely into a total file. With our advanced resources and software methods, we can make an analysis of your phone.

Christ & Partners has advanced resources and software methods. This allows us to retri eve deleted information from your mobile phone. We are also specialized in analyzing and examining portable GPS and Tablets.

In recent years the technology in mobile devices has changed. Where it used to be impossible to surf the web on mobile devices it has now become unthinkable. With this great development there is much more information on mobile devices than you might think. Our advanced resources and software methods can recover and secure information from mobile devices. At this moment Christ & Partners supports more than 3000 different types of devices.

Phone Research

Christ & Partners identifies your needs, analyzes and examines the phone you want to have investigated. This means you no longer have to worry about the phone and you will receive the results in a report.

Christ & Partners has specialized in BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Nokia and Chinese chipset phones. Since we have portable devices for investigating, a phone analysis can usually be completed on site. Some device types are excluded from the portability of the investigation, and will need to be performed in our office.

All kinds of digital investigation:

We offer all kinds of digital investigation like desktop, sim card, navigation or tablet investigations. See our menu bar header "digital investigation" for more info.

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