Navigation investigation

Do you have a navigation system in your vehicle and want to know where your vehicle has been. We offer the solution. We will analyze your navigation system. This allows us to see where your vehicle has been and at what times.

Navigation Research

Christ & Partners identifies your needs, analyses and examines the navigation system you want to have investigated. This means you no longer have to worry about the navigation system and you will receive the results in a report.

Christ & Partners is specialized in analysing and examining TomTom, Garmin and Mio portable navigation sytems. Information that we trace include favorites, recent destinations and recent to last gps positioning. Christ & Partners is in possession of portable tools, which offers us the possibility to investigate on site.

All kinds of digital investigation:

We offer all kinds of digital investigation like desktop, phone, sim card or tablet investigations. See our menu bar header "digital investigation" for more info.

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