Desktop investigation

Desktop investigation gives you more information!

In the digital age in which everything is digitized and more efficient and crucial information is stored on hard drives. These hard drives are used in laptops and desktops. Where employees are getting smarter in using and dealing with computers. Critical information can be passed on to a external hard disk or via private e-mail.

Christ & Partners investigators specializes in finding digital traces that point in the direction of a suspect. We will secure your hard drive in the forensic manner so you can always come up with the evidence in court.

Deleted Data

With our speciality in the area of digital data carriers, Christ & Partners is able to restore damaged or deleted files. Even when your digital camera appears to be broken upon arriving home and the datacarrier where you store your pictures too. It’s also possible that after a day of working hard on your document that your desktop or laptop crashes unexpectedly.
Christ & Partners has the means and abilities to restore your deleted files.

Email Research

The use of e-mail is considered a normality nowadays in the world. Every company in the Netherlands can be contacted by e-mail. However, you don’t see which e-mails are sent to your customers, relationships or to private email addresses.
As a result. It is possible that critical information is brought into public without your knowledge. With an e-mail investigation you can check what your employees are sending with their e-mail account.

All kinds of digital investigation:

We offer all kinds of digital investigation like phone, sim card, navigation or tablet investigations. See our menu bar header "digital investigation" for more info.

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