Digital investigation

Christ & Partners has digital investigators who are specialized in examining and investigating digital data carriers.

When we talk about digital data carriers we associate them directly with digital media. The following devices are a few examples for what we call digital media; mobile phones, desktops, laptops, sound and video equipment, USB drives, flash memory and so on.

Our digital investigators can recover damaged or deleted data from your digital data carrier. We will secure your digital carriers and recover your data in the forensic way.

Christ & Partners has adequate and effective means to address business for you. Within our methodology we differentiate between tactical, technical and forensic resources.
Experience has shown us that one tool does not exclude the other.

Christ & Partners uses legally approved resources and materials. Our advanced resources and software can be used for forensic investigation.

An analysis or examination is usually a sensitive issue when it comes to confidential and critical information. Christ & Partners will be discreet with your confidential matters.

Our Digital investigations:

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