Trade relations

Trade relation investigation, but why?

When it comes to trade, many things can go wrong. Do you know enough about your future partner, or are there problems of which you are unaware? Is your partner solvent? And how can you solve a collection problem fast and efficiently? Christ & Partners gathers the necessary information in a discreet manner and helps you to move forward.


You are at the verge of getting into an agreement with someone else – personally or business wise – and you want to know if that other person is solvent. Christ & Partners will find this out and report to you.

"Mr. X wishes to start a partnership with a former fellow student, mr. Y. For the start of the business, both partners need to insert a substantial capital. Mr. Y claims to have more than enough liquid assets. X has a reputation in the business world. He wants to be sure of his partner. Christ & Partners will investigate Y and come to the conclusion that Y indeed has enough financial means, lives up to his financial obligations, does not come up in the registers of local enforcement and collection agencies, does not have a criminal record, but does have a great record with his former employees, and has never been involved in a bankruptcy.”
Mr. X


Are you in business abroad or with countries outside of the EU, and would you like to have some more background information? Christ & Partners also knows its way in foreign countries. The detective force of Christ & Partners is increasingly more often approached for several projects abroad. On request, we also escort businessmen to hazardous countries. Of course, only certified specialists will be used for this.


A customer who does not want to pay is extremely tiresome. If you would like to have your money at your disposal fast, without losing control, Christ & Partners can help. We will act fast, effective and always in a legal way.

Tracing money and goods

Often, large batches of valuable goods disappear and never reappear again. For companies, this often constitutes a major loss and a disruption of the course of business within the company. Christ & Partners will make sure that the stolen goods will be found and retrieved. With the help of upright and highly motivated employees, who will do anything to return the stolen goods to the rightful owners, a large number of cases have been successfully closed. Christ & Partners can also help you with Track & Trace devices for persons, vehicles and other goods.

Brand, model, and patent investigation

What can you do if your company is confronted with rip-offs of a product in your collection?

“Company Z suffers a loss of approximately two million euro’s a year. The company asks Christ & Partners to find out who manufactures the fake products. A large investigation first determines the sellers of these fake products. Further investigation shows the distributor who delivers the fake products to the sellers, and after another two months of research, we find the manufacturer of the fake products. On the basis of our report, company Z calls upon the department of justice and they invade the concerned company. After two years, company Z is awarded compensation for damages of more than 950.000 euro’s.”
Company Z

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