Fraud investigation

Spying and fraud within organisations constitute the greatest prejudice risks and threats. By applying automation damage can be considerable before anyone knows about it. A safety analysis of a fraud investigation by us helps to locate quickly. It is also possible to infiltrate so we can eliminate the source.

  1. Brand fraud
  2. Company fraud
  3. Fraudulent administration
  4. Insurance fraud
  5. Falsification

Fraud and company espionage are serious threats. Especially since the extent of automation makes it possible for your research, customer information, proposals, and tenders to leave your company in just seconds. We analyse, detect and solve, and if necessary we infiltrate.

Brand fraud

Do you find yourself seeing your product remarkably cheaper in places where they should not be? Do suppliers who are not on your customer list offer your products? Do the products appear in stores or on markets that you do not supply? Is it a case of parallel sale or even worse: is your brand being copied? We investigate the origin of the parallel sold products or brand fraud.

Violation of copyright can lead to a thorough field study.

Company fraud

Are the visiting reports of your representatives incorrect and are you sure they are not working for someone else? We present you the cold hard facts, fast. We will also guide you through possible repercussions that need to be taken. Every year, companies and institutions lose billions because of fraud. In most cases, it is about stealing company goods by the own staff and by external persons in contact with the employees. If you do not take action to stop this fraud, it will get even worse in most cases.

Are you going to the police?
You can stop fraud by filing charges with the police. In many cases, however, the police are lacking time and have other priorities, which prevent them from investigating your case. Police and Justice serve the public cause. We focus on the interest of our client. By order of the client, we concern ourselves mainly with preventing and limiting damages/losses that result from criminal (fraudulent) activities. Only a small part of the investigations done by us will end up (by order of the client) with the police or a criminal judge.

Fraudulent administration

You suspect irregularities within your (financial) administration. If the annual figures are correct, it does not mean that the general administration is correct. The accountant may not find any irregularities, since he has to work with the information that has been given to him by someone that is responsible for the irregularities in the administration. We have people at our disposal who, because of their experience, can unravel these deceptions. They can find out where irregularities may occur.

Insurance fraud

With filing damage forms at the insurance companies, we determine if there is a case of fraud or not.

"Policyholder X reports the theft of his car. The insurance company suspects fraud and contacts Christ & Partners. We start an investigation and find out that policyholder X has a lot of friends with criminal pasts. We also find out that policyholder X is in debt. Two weeks of discreet surveillance gives us the evidence that X’s friends have his car in their garage and that they are stripping it down to sell the parts."
Insurance Company


We are specialised in investigating falsifications. Whether it is about brand articles, stamps, invoices, statements of account, certifications, pay slips, entry permits, money, credit cards, gift cards, coupons or means of identification such as passports, permits or a driver’s license.

For our research, we use state-of-the-art material, such as the document box, stereomicroscope, retro check, or other detection devices.

Theft and damage

The stock does not match the balance; the money in the cash register does not equal the sold products. Is this a case of careless accounting, or has the staff been stealing? We work towards a solution. Placing cameras and doing test purchases bring light to the case. Another (supplemental) possibility is tracing/observing those involved to record suspicious acts, for example selling, storing, and stealing goods. After studying the gathered evidence, our advice is to interview those involved, in order to close the case with a confession.

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